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why though?
so, this is he wrost story that you'll ever read.

it happened to me a few weeks ago, it all started like other regular days, i woke up and do stuff that i usually do, i ate my chocolate filled bread. long story short everything was going fine as always, until i decided to take a shower. i boil myself a water so that i could take a shower in peace, and by peace i mean that i don't have to taste the ice cold water that could make me freeze to death, nah, i'm just kidding but no joke here in my place the water gets very cold in the morning. ok so after the water is hot enough i bring it to the bathroom and so i took a shower like any regular person but then, after i finished taking a bath, as i about to take my towel from the hangar, i relised that i forgot to bring my towel. so yea.. i have no idea how could i ever forget that towel. every second i felt like it was getting colder and colder. i decided to scream for help, and then my mother knock the bathroom doo…

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